1 Samuel, An Introduction

Dust to dust

Ash to ash

Page to page

Cover to cover.


I have been thinking a lot about the Bible lately. To some it’s a book that seems old, dusty, and outdated. To others it’s just a fable or a fairytale to fit alongside Snow White and the Seven

Dwarfs and The Little Mermaid. Some say it’s more like guidelines and some say it’s more like a rulebook. It’s only stories

or wise sayings or poems or myths. It’s confusing, contradictory, confounding. There are a million things to be said about this book called the Bible.

But as I have spent time with this book, reading this greatest piece of literature ever written down for humankind, I can’t help but marvel at it. I can’t help but wonder at the truth in it. I believe these stories happened.


Laugh at me.

I love the idea of a snake that can speak in paradise.

Snicker behind my back.

I can’t wait to meet the man Moses who raised a rod and watched a sea split.

Write me off.

I love the Jesus I have found between these pages.


Are there parts of this book I may not be able to explain? Sure. Are there pieces of it that I still wonder about? Yes. But will those doubts change my mind? No. I love this Bible and I will keep peeling back its onion layers to see what lies beneath each page, each history, each person it details.

All this to say, I have decided to take a challenge. I have decided to take the book of 1 Samuel and write it. To read each word, study the background, and then spend some time each day writing each chapter. Each chapter I finish I will post here on the blog. I hope you enjoy my meager offerings. It’s made my heart full. I pray it fills yours.