Dancing in Coffee Shops and Other Hobbies.

The coffee shop is one of my favorite places to write. And I love listening to music while I type away. Every so often, I’ll catch my foot tapping along, head bobbing, and sometimes fingers rapping out the beat on the table.

Then I pause. And remember I’m in public.

But when things are as exciting as they have been, it’s hard not to hum along with the catchy songs of summer.

So what are all these exciting things?

THE RUNNERS OF ABRA, my serial novel, is live and kicking. If you’ve been searching for a crazy ride of a story that never lets up, this is definitely the book you’ve been looking for. Every Saturday a new episode is released, and soon the first entry in the series, THE LAST RUNNER, will be complete and available in print format.

It’s been a fun world to play in and explore, filled with strange monsters, narrow escapes, and a mystery spanning worlds…

My first two THRONES novels have been picked up by Crimson Pulse Media, who have signed me on for a six book series in the world of Jack and Molly! Book one, SECRET OF THE LOST KING, will be releasing very soon with all new content! SWORD OF THE BROKEN SON will release sometime this summer, and I’m already hard at work on book three, SKIN OF THE DRAGON LORD!

So needless to say, things are exciting here. I look forward to catching up with all of you, and seeing you deep in the spine of a good book.

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